AE04D5 and AE04D6

If you have any updates on mode-s codes
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AE04D5 and AE04D6

Post by Navairboss » Mon Jun 03, 2019 12:20 pm

These are listed in the db as USAF, but definitely US Navy NALO aircraft.

The Convoy 6### can be used by both C-40 and C-130 aircraft when deployed in Europe.

AE04D5 Mode-S c/s Convoy (CNV) 67xx
AE04D6 Mode-S c/s Convoy (CNV) 66xx

Given the block that these two hex codes appears (see below) my best guess are they are being used by deployed C-40s on European mission.

165829 AE04D7
165830 AE04D8
165831 AE04D9
165832 AE04DA

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