#70-1576 Serial Dup

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#70-1576 Serial Dup

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Database has this T-38C airframe listed twice.

Hex code ADFFA6 is listed as 70-1576 assigned to 50FTS, and scramble listed this airframe assigned to the 50FTS. My personal obs shows this one down here in the southern US as I have seen it on my Mode-S box

Hex code AE138F in db is also listed as #70-15765 and assigned to the US Naval Test Pilots School (NTPS) at NAS Patuxent River (Trapnell Field), MD.
70-1576 is not a valid Navy serial. Not sure who AE138F belongs to serial wise but is isn't 70-1576.

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Re: #70-1576 Serial Dup

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Hi Larry/guys

I can't confirm if ADFFA6 is 70-1576, but I believe AE138F could well be 701575 - though this needs confirmation. The lack of a hyphen in this serial indicates that it's currently a USN aircraft; it being one of a small batch of the type which were transferred from the USAF many years ago.

Overall, it looks like the hex code block AE138D through to AE1397 is assigned to the 11 x T-38Cs that are still in service with the USN, and which are operated by their Test Pilot School.

Best wishes

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