Update: C-12U

If you have any updates on mode-s codes
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Update: C-12U

Post by pilotman6012 » Sat Nov 16, 2019 3:59 am

The following C-12U need to be updated:
All still carry Adsb/Mode S Military Boxes, CAE is in charge of training Air Force,Army,Navy and Marine Corps pilots in C-12 platforms,based at Dothan Rap,near Fort Rucker,i list them both ways as they still use ARMY callsigns as ARMY51262,Etc.

ADFED0 85-1262 CAE/US Army
ADFED1 85-1263 CAE/US Army
ADFED2 85-1264 CAE/US Army
ADFED3 85-1265 CAE/US Army
ADFED4 85-1266 CAE/US Army
ADFED5 85-1267 CAE/US Army
ADFED6 85-1268 CAE/US Army
ADFED7 85-1270 CAE/US Army
ADFED8 85-1271 CAE/US Army
ADFED9 85-1272 CAE/US Army

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Re: Update: C-12U

Post by Skymaster » Sun Nov 17, 2019 2:16 pm

According to Scramble database, these should be 85-51262 etc.

After googling, I found this Technical Manual from Headquarters Department of the Army... https://www.manualslib.com/manual/15198 ... selected=1

C-12T1 aircraft with serial numbers 85-51262 through 85-51268 and 85-51270 through 85-51272 modified with the cockpit and digital engine instrument upgrade.
C-12T2 aircraft with serial numbers 86-60084 through 86-60089, 87-70160, and 87-70161 modified with the cockpit and digital engine instrument upgrade

I had wrongly assumed that these were 85-01262 etc.

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