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No login option available

Post by Galaxy5007 »

A few of my devices have logged out of the site. While trying to find a place to log back in, there is no place to log in. It just tells me to register again. This has been an issue on my laptop using Chrome (tried using Internet Explorer as well), and Safari on my iPad. I'm afraid if my primary device (my iPhone) logs out, I won't be able to use search options. Can you guys look into it?
Secondly, I would like to suggest an option to type in the location, rather than have to scroll through a list. It is a bit frustrating scrolling through a long list to get to something like Villas, NJ, on a mobile device.
Third, a clean up of some locations that are inactive would be appreciated. There are 4 Martensdijk's that are above my location of Magnolia, which only one (#1) is active. Granted, not having to scroll by them every time in my second suggestion would help some, some of the locations have zero logs on them.

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Re: No login option available

Post by Albert »

Hello Silas,

Thanks for your feedback.

To log into the system vist a page were a username/password is required. This should give you a login option.

If you visit the Search page again you will see I changed the selection field into a lookup field.

Your last request is also done.

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